Feilsøking Nespresso Aguila

Heir finner du oversikt over feilmeldinger som kan komme på en Aguilamaskin



Display melding


Mulig Årsak




Heating up

–          Boiler is heating up

–          Triac defective

–          thermal overload protections have activated

–          Wait until „Read“ on display

–          Check output test

–          reset thermal overload protection


Lift the lever

Brew unit still closed after dispensing  

Open lever

Wait until Pressure lowered While dispensing the brew unit was opened by mistake  

Wait until message disappears


Please wait!

Heating phase, boiler is heating up Wait until heating phase is completed

Rinsing in progress

Machine does an automatic milk rinse (outlet 2 and 4) No milk beverages until the rinsing is finished

Cleaning in progress


Cleaning has been started

Wait until cleaning process is finished
Energy Saving mode Press any key  

Machine is in saving mode

Press any key to restart machi- ne and wait until it is ready
Milk level low Add milk Milk level will reach the

„empty“ state after another milk product

Refill milk to prevent a blocking while product dispensing

Change water filter


Filter cartridge is at it‘s limit

Replace filter cartridge and reset water counter


Preparation too long



Flowmeter detects to less water flow for a certain time

–          Wrong capsule in brew chamer

–          Water pump does not work / defective

–          Water way interrupted/ blocked


Preparation too short

Flowmeter detects to much water flow for a certain time –          No capsule in brew chamber

–          Water loss from flowmeter- to the brew chamber


Service required

Machine reached 48‘000 brew cycles or 12 months since the installation or the last PM have passed.  

Carry out the PM and a service counter reset.



Cleaning required in



In x hours / minutes the machi- ne blocks and must be cleaned

–          Start cleaning before count down reaches 0 to prevent a machine blocking.

–          Machine must always be cleaned after max 24h from the first milk beverage.


Cleaning required

Cleaning was not done within the last 24 hours.

Machine is blocked.


Clean the machine.


Error: NTC [1 / 2 / 3]: open


NTC cable interrupt


Check cable loop


Error: NTC [1 / 2 / 3]: shortcut


NTC short circuit


Replace NTC


Call Technician

Message appears for user if there is an NTC, milk pump or flowmeter error in the machine Do an irregular PM, do not reset the service counter!

Insert capsule drawer!

–          Capsule drawer not inserted or not inserted correctly

–          Reed contact defective

–          Magnet on drawer missing

–          Insert capsule drawer correctly

–          Check reed in input test

–          Replace magnet


Empty capsule drawer!

Maximal amount of capsule drawer reached Empty capsule drawer and reinsert
–   Sleeping mode active

–   main switch OFF

–   Press standby switch

–   Set main switch to ON